Work Life Balance

Having trouble prioritizing between work (career) and life (family/taking care of yourself) to establish a harmonious work life balance?

When I started working in the late 70’s, I never thought about work life balance.  I  started work at 8:30 and left the office by 5:30, went home and had dinner with my family. I managed to play miniature golf or bowl or just hang out with friends during the work week.

Fast forward 20 years. Same company…but now I had a PC, a cell phone and a child.  I no longer worked 40 to 45 hours, I was now on call, any day, any time, especially during a quarter close of business.  Little did I understand that technology was starting to rule my life.  Sadly, I missed some precious years that I can never recover.

Do you need to decide:

  • What is important to you?
  • What is of little or no value and is taking up your time?
  • If you want to attend your child’s baseball games or dance recitals rather than work?
  • If you want to be a workaholic or a family person with work life balance in your view?

I’ve been through it and can help you develop a plan to put your work life balance vision in place!

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